What the players say


Rating: (6/6)

„Time machine” is a room that guarantees a lot of fun for everyone. Each detail has been taken care of: the design of the room is perfectly matching the storyline and the puzzles are interesting, diverse and brilliantly fitted into the scenery. It may not belong to the hardest ones, although for beginner groups it may be a challenge. We managed to escape with plenty of time left but still it was a fascinating way to spend that time. The staff impeccable, willing to talk about remarks after the game has finished.


Rating: (6/6)

This room cannot be appreciated enough without spoilers. It’s beyond excellent and we had so much fun. It’s truly ghastly and mysterious. The climate of the tenement is amazing. Lots of puzzles and playing in a team of two, as we usually do, it wasn’t easy. We needed hints, but the staff as always were of great help. We recommend it to everyone because visiting this room is a must.


Room: Asylum
Rating: (6/6)

This room has made a great impression on me, it’s hard to recover after visiting it 😉 The whole time I had a feeling that it’s not a game… I felt like being in a whole different world. The world of insanity. The beginning is pretty inconspicuous, but what we see afterwards feeds the mind and soul… And although I’m not a fan of scary rooms, here I felt an epic atmosphere and a balanced dose of fear. Truly amazing!


Rating: (6/6)

The amount of work that was put into this room, the immersion it offers, impressing elements, the soundtrack or the hint system – WOW! Worth every penny and I’m wondering if I should come back to enjoy the design and amazing game flow one more time. So far it’s the best designed room I’ve ever been to. And I would really like to see escape rooms at this level in the future.


Rating: (6/6)

The best escape room we’ve ever been to! The design plus effects are out of this world. We came as a team of five and we could do a couple of puzzles at the same time. We’ve done 4-5 rooms and it went pretty smoothly, there have been some small hints but for real, this escape room is essential. Top of my list, worth its price!


Room: Necromancer
Rating: (6/6)

The space is masterfully utilized. The puzzles, tasks and design perfectly fit the ambience. A bit of horror – definitely. But without repulsion. „In a good taste” let’s say.
Sometimes you have to take a break and/or tell yourself „calm down, it’s just a game” – because for real, the room does everything so that you believe in the reality of the story! So don’t let yourselves be fooled – or do, your choice 😛


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We invite you to a themed game in one of our establishments in Wrocław. There, in the chosen escape room, you’ll have to solve puzzles in a breathtaking atmosphere of the available scenarios in order to live through an unforgettable experience.