To this day many employees and even company managements have had fun at our facility, among others.


Are you willing to take part in an authentic and one of a kind company party? Exit19 offers entertainment on the highest level and thanks to properly selected themes it combines fun with integration in the field of team-building. We provide a complex service of companies and organized groups.

Eventy Firmowe

Company events done at our facility can be made stationary or online.

In the first case, we invite you to our facilities located close to the main square. Thanks to a tight cooperation with the neighbouring clubs and restaurants, we’re able to offer a compound range of integration meetings, educational classes or games connected with coaching, but also casual company parties.

Eventy firmowe

Conferences and educational courses are organized in a room equipped with a projector, screen and speakers. The conference room can be adjusted to your needs when it comes to its configuration, which is why even 60 people can take part in the event.

All of our rooms are available in English. Depending on the size of the group, we adjust the amount of our staff, which make sure you feel comfortable, play safely and have fun.

Multiple different themes allow over 100 players to play in our rooms during a 4 hour period.

Each group can count on us giving you an individually adjusted offer. We provide a wide range of snacks, hot meals, refreshments and alcohol.

When it comes to the online Live Cam version, players meet virtually. Not only is it a great option during the pandemic, but also for an integration meeting for employees from all over the country, even the world. The game is led by the Game Master and camera operator using the Zoom app, who then do what the players tell them to do. The game takes place in the same rooms which are available in the stationary version. The same scenography, puzzles and themes. However to improve the experience and satisfaction from the online escape room, the gameplay is accompanied by multimedia materials and a special app called Telescape. This lets you enjoy the ambience and storyline ever more, arrange collected items, search through the uncovered locations or solve puzzles in an interactive way.

Eventy firmowe

In the Live Cam game mode, groups can consist from a couple to a dozen players playing in one room. The available time depends on the chosen scenario, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. Due to the direct participation of the Game Master, the level is currently adjusted to the capabilities of the group.

Company Events Wrocław

You are more than welcome to visit us and enjoy our games, which among others benefit from:



Puzzle solving together lets the employees form bonds in uncommon conditions. Satisfaction and lots of fun for the whole team!

Tem building


An opportunity to strengthen team cooperation and effectiveness. While playing each person can take the initiative or discover new abilities.



Lectures or presentations can be made more appealing now. While taking a break from soaking up knowledge, employees can count on an indelible impression in our Escape Rooms.