Volcano in Madagascar

From 221 PLN per group Cost for one group for this room
2-4 players
60 min
polish, english
bez ograniczeń wiekowych
#Adventure #Adrenaline #Emotions

“It is not easy to be a Volcano Spirit today. Back then – respect in the jungle, sacrifices of virgins and crazy New Year’s Eves. Today – problems with the eruption and a mean, bloodthirsty fisher, which sneaks everywhere, bites bamboo wires and steals magical gods. Well, speaking of gods. There were three, now there are two. Maybe, since I’ve imprisoned you in my village in the middle of the jungle, we could try to get along? You will give me the missing figurine, and I will give you freedom. Hm? I knew we would get along. You are lovely. Playing with a huge bird, a duel with volcanic turtles, wild snakes and many more adventures await you. You have sixty minutes. Then I will eat you.


A funny, adventure room from EXIT19.pl is an offer that players of any age will like. For the youngest – climate of a jungle, agility puzzles and puzzles connected with animals. For adults – logical puzzles and a large dose of humour in an ambience of such movies like Madagascar. In every room, you will find original mechanisms, elements of fiction and decoration prepared with attention to even the smallest details.

Pricing (Wrocław, ul. Pawła Włodkowica 21/2)

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From 231 PLN to 291 PLN* – afternoon hours during the week
From 241 PLN to 301 PLN* – weekends (Friday from 3:00 PM, Saturday, Sunday)
*final price depends on number of players

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