Curse of the Mayan Treasure

From 221 PLN per group Cost for one group for this room
2-4 players
60 min
polish, english
bez ograniczeń wiekowych
#Adventure #Adrenaline #Emotions

A part of the ancient capital of the Mayas — Tikal — was found in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle. The ruins housed a secret entrance to the Temple of the Great Jaguar. According to notes of an archaeology professor named George Tillman, the most famous Mayan structure hides three hearts which can give the power to rule the world. The professor went missing during one of excursions to research this extraordinary civilization. Legends told by the inhabitants of a nearby village say that he was killed by the curse of the Mayan treasure, which he was also searching for. You decide to find and claim these coveted artifacts on your own. However, it will not be an easy task. The Mayas were able to miraculously hide their most precious treasures. What’s more, the ghosts of rulers and their guards who inhabit the temple for centuries surely won’t welcome you with open arms…

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