Betrayal in Breslau

2-7 players
75 min
From 201 PLN per group Cost for one group for this room
#Insomnia #Fear #Emotions

1938, Breslau. Klaus hires private investigators to follow his beautiful wife, Inge, whom he suspects of having an affair with Gunter Wolf, recently befriended by her. He sends a group of detectives to Wolfs apartment in order to find evidence of his wife’s infidelity. However, the next day, both Inge and the detectives disappear… Now it’s you who must visit Wolfs apartment and investigate the biggest secret of pre-war Wroclaw.

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Pricing (Wrocław, ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19)

From 201 PLN to 271 PLN* – morning hours during the week
From 211 PLN to 281 PLN* – afternoon hours during the week
From 221 PLN to 291 PLN* – weekends (Friday from 3:00 PM, Saturday, Sunday)
*final price depends on number of players

Pricing (Live Cam)

400 PLN – polish version
405 PLN – english version

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