Exit19.pl provides the highest level of safety available in escape rooms, according to the requirements and recommendations of the fire department and construction supervision specialists, concerning similar business and service establishments. When designing and constructing our rooms we pay attention to the possibility of a safe, but most of all quick evacuation in an emergency scenario.

Our qualities are:

Constant monitoring and surveillance by our Game Masters

Each room is equipped with a panic button, which allows evacuating the room at any moment from every part of the room

Emergency lighting in the whole facility and all of our escape rooms

We use a safe voltage of up to 12V in every puzzle

Labelled and fire department approved emergency exits and routes

The whole establishment is equipped with fully legalized fire extinguishers and med kits

During the check-up of all escape rooms in Poland which happened in January 2019, the fire department protocol did not declare any elements posing a threat to the player’s lives or any irregularities which may result in a direct fire hazard.