Is playing at exit19 safe?
Of course, inspections done by the fire department and construction supervision specialists prove that we don’t pose any danger concerning the health or lives of our players. More info at the Safety page

We’d like to organize an integration meeting for our company. How do we do it?
We have several rooms available, so even a large group can play with us at the same time. To arrange the details, please send us a message at:

What if we can’t escape in time?
Don’t worry, the Game Master will be of help and will be awaiting you.

Is it possible to play with more people than it says in the room description?
Your comfort and safety is our priority, therefore the maximum amount of players cannot be altered, no matter the circumstances.

Can english speaking players play in your escape rooms?
Each room is adapted to English speaking players or is uninfluenced by language, additionally each Game Master can explain the rules in English.

I am pregnant – can i play in an escape room?
In some rooms the smoke (100% safe!), flashing lights, tight passages, stairs or sudden loud noises may be inappropriate for pregnant women, but not dangerous. If a future mom still decides to play, then the staff will make sure she feels comfortable at our facility.

Can we play with kids?
Absolutely! To find a room suitable for the whole family, use our search engine and set the players age to 'no age limit'. We advise against taking children to rooms marked as 16+, due to content that may be inappropriate for younger players.

Should we come before the scheduled time?
We’d like you to come at the exact scheduled time of your visit.

How should we prepare for the game?
Bring a smile on your face and comfortable clothing (high heels or an elegant white shirt might not be the best suit for an escape room) and the rest will be given to you by us.