The Regulations

Participants of the games are obliged to get familiarized with all the rules and obey them during the stay in the rooms

• Reservations can be made by using a form at, by phone 600 407 862, or in person at the office (Wroclaw, 19 Ofiar Oświęcimskich Street, entrance through the patio)
• A reservation can be cancelled by e-mail, phone, or in person. Players can gat a full refound, provided that the reservation has been canceled at least 24h before the game, if not they are obliged to pay for the game.
• A fee for admission shall be paid in advance.
• There may be from 2 to a maximum of 7 participants in the game (depending on the room).
• The task of players is to get out of the room at a determined time. After this time, the game is finished and the players are obliged to leave the room.
• During the game, participants are in contact with the Game Master.
• Participants take part in the game at their own risk.
• The employees have the right to refuse a group that is late more than 15 minutes to take part in the game. In case of a shorter delay, time of a game will be shorter.
• There must be at least one adult person among the game participants in the selected rooms.
• Persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs will not be allowed to take part in the game.
• Pregnant women and persons suffering from heart disease, claustrophobia, epilepsy, or mental illness take part in the game on their own responsibility.
• If any of the above three rules is broken, the has the right to refuse participants to join the game. In such case, a group has no right to have an admission fee refunded (if paid before) or is obliged to pay the fee on account of lost profits of the
• Taking pictures and making films is strictly forbidden in the rooms. Any attempt to break this prohibition will be treated as violation of intellectual property of the and will result in legal action.
• Phones and electronic devices should be deposited in a specially designated place at the reception before the game.
• If the employees notice that participants of the game use cell phones or cameras, they have the right to take the equipment away for the whole time of the game, ask a person using the device to leave the room, or stop the game of the whole group.
• Players are obliged to take care of objects and furniture which are a part of the design of the rooms.
• In some rooms there are items marked with a yellow and black security tape which are for internal use only – please, do not touch them during the game.
• Players agree not to use physical force and in case of intentional and permanent damage, they agree to cover the loss.
• The are not responsible for any damage caused to property or a person by the fault of participants.
• Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.
• In case of emergency, people being in the rooms should contact the Game Master immediately and go to the nearest emergency exit.
• Players who consciously decide to allow to make audio-visual recording or take photographs of them at the reception, give their consent to use and spread the above mentioned film or photo material in social media by the free of charge.
• In matters not regulated by these rules, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.