The Book of Magic

The Witch’s Spell

From 271 PLN per group Cost for one group for this room
2-4 players
75 min
polish, english, ukrainian
bez ograniczeń wiekowych
#adventure #emotions #magic

Witch rituals, forbidden spells and demonic curses – is what you will have to face in this tale filled with adventure and magic, where you will have to save a princess from the “Ritual of Transformation”, that will, as a result, turn her into a Wicked Witch.


One night during a horrific storm the witches kidnapped a beautiful princess, the rightful heir to the throne in order to perform their age-old “Ritual of Transformation”. A thousand year old tradition that transforms royal-blooded women into loyal servants of the Kingdom of Darkness… A Wicked Witch! The ceremony will take place during today’s full moon and you are the only one who can prevent it and heroically save the princess from becoming a despicable monster!


This will, by far, be one of the most difficult tasks you will have to face in your life, because the path to saving the princess begins with outsmarting the most vile witch of them all and you just so happen to stumble across her cottage…


“The Book of Magic – The Witch’s Spell” is an escape room in the popular “cube” formula, so on one hand the game takes place in one room, but on the other, it is filled with surprising puzzles and takes place in a fabulous narrative with the voice-over done by Barbara Kurdej-Szatan.



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